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WW2: Witness to War   

Series 1: 12x60 | HD | 2017
Production Company
Like A Shot Entertainment
Primary Broadcaster

The World War II: Witness to War series tells the stories of the wars’ major battles through the eyes of those who were there. Fortunately, many servicemen and civilians from all over the world have recorded their memories and recollections over the years and it’s these powerful spoken testimonies that form the backbone of every show.
This is raw military and social history told from the human angle. The recorded experiences of those who lived through the war are carefully woven around the main narrative to illustrate what is was really like to be there, while some of the world’s foremost historians bring their unique insights to each episode.

Episode 3: U-Boat Terror

With the invasion of Britain officially postponed, The Germans looked for another way to knock Britain out of the war. As an island race, Britons depended on its merchant navy to provide vital war materials, not to mention food and fuel - and it was this that became the new target.

Episode 2: Battle of Britain

With the fall of France, only Britain stood between Hitler and complete victory in Europe. But German High Command knew that it first had to have mastery of the skies - and to achieve that the Luftwaffe would need to defeat the Spitfires and Hurricanes of the RAF.

Episode 1: Fall of France

The world had largely ignored the growing threat of Nazism during the late 1930s and now the appeasement of Hitler was about to have terrible consequences. After the invasion of Czechoslovakia came the conquest of Poland - only then were the Allies moved to action. By then it was too late.