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World's Wildest Flights   

Series 1: 6x60 | HD | 2017
Production Company
Title Role Productions
Primary Broadcaster
Channel 5

From crazed agressive passengers to emergency landings, extreme turbulance and crosswinds - our footage will shock viewers and shine a light on the moment of terror, hearing exactly what happened from those who experienced it first hand. They show that in the face of danger it is possible to walk away from some of the world's worst flights unscathed and scratch free. 

Episode 4

In New York driver's get an unexpected visitor when a plane tries to join them on the highway, a round the world traveller's journey is diverted to a remote Alaskan military base, passengers onboard a flight in Peru saw their lives flash before their eyes as their planes bursts into flames and a planes landing gear collapses causing screams throughout the cabin.

Episode 3

A planes engine explodes into flames on a Las Vegas runway, severe turbulence causes injuries to 12 passengers and crew on a transatlantic flight, an air racing accident causes shock amongst witnesses and a keen pilot plays a prank whilst proposing to his girlfriend but does she say yes?

Episode 1

We go on board as a Captain performs a heroic landing with no wheels, two skydiving planes crash at 12,000 feet, passengers are forced to hand over ??24,000 and a pilot asks the passengers on board to pray for their lives - all captured by passengers on board.