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World's Greatest Palaces   

Series 1: 10x60 | HD | 2019
Production Company
Woodcut Media

The World’s Greatest Palaces takes a behind the scenes look through the corridors of power in ten of the most opulent and historic royal residences on Earth. We reveal the stories behind the Kings and Queens who lived in these grand homes and uncover the secrets of the architects, engineers and courtiers who brought them to life.

Palaces like London’s Hampton Court, where Henry VIII changed the course of history in his pursuit of Anne Boleyn; Schönbrunn Palace in Vienna where the six year old, boy genius, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart performed for the imperial family in 1762; and Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany, a palace so beautiful that tourists are willing to trek through the Bavarian mountains just to catch a glimpse of it.

The series covers 500 years of history, encapsulating royal powerhouses like the Tudors, The Habsburgs and the Bourbon dynasties. From the medieval Chateau de Fontainebleau in France, to Kensington Palace in the UK, which still houses the modern royals of today.

Episode 3: Caserta

By volume, The Royal Palace of Caserta is the largest palace in the world. The gigantic structure, that lies 30km north of Naples has 1200 rooms, on five floors, spread across 762,000 square metres. Caserta was the main hub of the Bourbon ruled, Kingdom of Naples – the palace combines stunning architecture with mind-boggling engineering to create a truly unique building.

Episode 2: Hampton Court Palace

Hampton Court was the brainchild of the Archbishop of York, Thomas Wolsey. Starting out life as a Tudor palace in 1515, it was updated by Sir Christopher Wren for joint monarchs, William and Mary in 1689 to a Baroque design. The two styles combine to create a truly unique royal residence.

Episode 1: Schönbrunn Palace

For 350 years, Schönbrunn Palace was the main Summer residence of Austria’s imperial family, the Habsburgs. Designed in a rococo style, the 1,441 rooms have played host to some of Europe’s most influential figures including Marie Antoinette, Mozart and Napoleon Bonaparte.