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Warbird Workshop   

Series 1: 6x60 | HD | 2019
Production Company
Air TV
Primary Broadcaster

In hangars and machine shops the length and breadth of Britain a brave bunch of engineers and aviators are battling to keep the UK’s most historic warplanes in the air. From Spitfires to DC3 paratroop planes, Cold War jets to helicopters, the skies of 2019 are home to a growing fleet of antique warbirds – 20th Century military aircraft rebuilt or even recreated from scratch.

Now Warbird Workshop is climbing into the cockpit with the pilots and professional engineers committed to returning planes that fought and won wars to the skies. We’ll watch as vintage engines are coaxed back into life and restorers puzzle out the problems presented by aircraft designed before their grand dads were born.

And we’ll capture the nostalgia and the drama of first test flights as iconic fighters like the Spitfire soar into the sky again after rebuilds that can take decades.

Episode 3: Wessex

An equestrian centre in the Westcountry is the unlikely home of an ambitious project to restore to flight a 60-year-old relic of the Royal Navy’s mighty helicopter fleet. Army soldier turned businessman Andrew Whitehouse is spending a third of a million pounds of his own money restoring a Wessex helicopter in time for the Yeovilton air show, one of the biggest events of its kind in the UK.

Episode 2: Piper Cub

Members of the Lincoln Aero Club discover a war hero in their rural hangar. Golf Oscar Romeo was used as an artillery spotter plane by the US Army in North Africa and at the siege of Monte Cassino in Italy. Engineer Rob Stephens takes on the massive task of stripping 1980s fabric and paintwork off the plane and restoring it to its military markings at his workshop in the Fens. There’s a deadline to meet - the owners want to mark the 75th anniversary of D Day with an ambitious flight across the English Channel.

Episode 1: Spitfire

The engineering team at the Biggin HIll Heritage Hangar begin the rebuild of RAF Spitfire MJ772, a war veteran fighter that saw action in the skies over the D Day beaches and the battle to liberate Europe. The ambitious restoration begins with the left wing, torn off in a crash landing in a field in Kent after an engine failure. Chief engineer Franca Tambascia and his young team must replace the main spars and repair damaged metalwork twisted and buckled in the accident.