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Warbird Workshop   

Series 1: 6x60 | HD | 2019
Production Company
Air TV
Primary Broadcaster

Strap in, fire up the engines and prepare for take off on a wild ride in some of history’s most awesome warplanes... Inside the Warbird Workshop, engineers fight to put historic military aircraft back in the air. This series spans the aviation world from Canada to Germany, the UK to France.

Following experts with old school skills locked in a non stop battle against metal fatigue, corrosion and the clock to save priceless relics of long forgotten combat. Its stars include a former US Army spotter plane that once directed artillery during the bloody battle for Monte Cassino in Italy in WW2 to a Free French air force Spitfire that survived dogfights during the allied advance on Berlin.

In the bitter cold of a Canadian winter we freeze alongside the British engineers removing vital spare parts from an abandoned DC3 cargo plane as they race to restore a US Army Air Force paratroop carrier in time for an epic flight to the D Day anniversary celebrations in Normandy.

This show gets up close and personal with some of the world’s ballsiest pilots and the men and women who keep them up where they belong: in the air. You can hear the roar of historic engines bursting back into life after 30 years and share the sensation as old warbirds soar skywards again. It’s a world full of big characters living with risk.

We meet the father and son engineer restoring a 1943 liaison plane for a German warbird pilot after a crash that could have killed him. And a 93 year old RAF veteran visits his old fighter for the last time as a team of young mechanics try to restore it to flight.

In a former NATO airbase, Warbird Workshop reveals a secret squadron of jets that were once in the Warsaw Pact’s Cold War front line. And we meet the Czech test pilots delivering another survivor to another Western owner with a need for speed. With rare archive footage, total access to engineers at work and stunning air to air photography Warbird Workshop is unmissable TV full of high drama.

Episode 3: Wessex

An equestrian centre in the Westcountry is the unlikely home of an ambitious project to restore to flight a 60-year-old relic of the Royal Navy’s mighty helicopter fleet. Army soldier turned businessman Andrew Whitehouse is spending a third of a million pounds of his own money restoring a Wessex helicopter in time for the Yeovilton air show, one of the biggest events of its kind in the UK.

Episode 2: Piper Cub

Members of the Lincoln Aero Club discover a war hero in their rural hangar. Golf Oscar Romeo was used as an artillery spotter plane by the US Army in North Africa and at the siege of Monte Cassino in Italy. Engineer Rob Stephens takes on the massive task of stripping 1980s fabric and paintwork off the plane and restoring it to its military markings at his workshop in the Fens. There’s a deadline to meet - the owners want to mark the 75th anniversary of D Day with an ambitious flight across the English Channel.

Episode 1: Spitfire

The engineering team at the Biggin HIll Heritage Hangar begin the rebuild of RAF Spitfire MJ772, a war veteran fighter that saw action in the skies over the D Day beaches and the battle to liberate Europe. The ambitious restoration begins with the left wing, torn off in a crash landing in a field in Kent after an engine failure. Chief engineer Franca Tambascia and his young team must replace the main spars and repair damaged metalwork twisted and buckled in the accident.