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War Junk   

Series 1: 2x60 | HD | 2015
Series 2: 5x60 | HD | 2016
Series 3: 2x60 | HD | 2017
Production Company
Northern Sky Entertainment
Primary Broadcaster
History Channel Canada

War Junk tells the story of war through modern day investigation and exploration of battlefields. What can the war junk that has been left behind tell us?

Professor David O’Keefe and Wayne Abbott are a dynamic pair who have been exploring battlefields around the world over the past 15 years. Each episode delves into a new mystery and invites new experts such as relic hunters, weapon experts, engineers, historians and archaeologists, to offer insight into historical events that took place at each historic location.

Episodes include: June Beach, Vimy Ridge, Battle of Monte Cassino, Holland – Road to Liberation, Hong Kong


Series 3 - Market Garden

The team looks at one of the most iconic battles in military history - Operation Market Garden. On September 17th and 18th, 1944 over 35,000 Airborne Troops land in three drop zones over southern Holland with the objective of capturing a number of bridges in an attempt to break into Germany. It is the story of the great movie A Bridge Too Far.

Series 3 - Rhineland

This story takes place a few months later in Southern Holland and into the Rhineland. The team investigates the battlefield of Operation Veritable that takes place in February 1945 which started the push Allied push into Germany. They will also explore the dangerous Riechwald Forest where loads of left over ordinance can be found.