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The Real Narcos UK: Blood & Fear   

Series 1: 3x60 | HD | 2018
Production Company
ITN Productions
Primary Broadcaster
Channel 5

Tells the sensational stories of organised crime across the UK, with each episode focusing on the kingpin of a crime family. We follow their rise to notoriety and expose their shocking crimes, from murder, money laundering, drug dealing, fraud, robbery to extortion. We look at how these extraordinary crime organisations were able to gain power and keep it, the fortunes they made and the extravagant lifestyles it brought them. Each episode will also attempt to recount the intense game of cat and mouse they played with the police, sometimes over decades, often ending in their downfall. Across five, one hour, episodes we delve in to the murky and dangerous world these kingpins inhabit. From the story of the Adams in London, the notorious Noonans in Manchester, the Fitzgibbons and Curtis Warren Syndicate in Liverpool and the brutal Lyons family from Glasgow. Each episode will zero in on one of the kingpins, following the trajectory of their RISE, REIGN and FALL. A clever use of archive, visually striking abstract recon and beautifully shot master interviews will be used to tell these stories that will be high paced and engaging.

Episode 3

The Adams family led a criminal organisation, reported to be worth millions and MI5 were tasked with bringing them down.

Episode 2

Two crime families were locked in a murderous and bloody feud, the likes of which Glasgow had never seen before, with a feared enforcer called Gerbil, tit-for-tat shootouts on the streets, and both sides determined to emerge as top dogs.

Episode 1

The three Noonan brothers ruled Manchester in the 1980s and 90s, controlling the drug supply at superclubs like the legendary Hacienda. They were thought to be behind at least 27 murders, and amassed a fortune in the millions.