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The House of Extraordinary People   

Series 1: 3x60 | HD | 2018
Production Company
Hey Sonny Films
Primary Broadcaster
Channel 5

A stunning large house in North Yorkshire with a swimming pool and hot tub, but near Leeds so that the characters can go into the city for shopping and nights out. The house will be accessible in terms of bathrooms and bedrooms but not every single aspect will be accessible to every single person because nothing in life ever is. So the housemates will have to navigate that as one of their first challenges. The house has beautiful views over the countryside and acts as a safe haven for the housemates when they return to it from the world outside.

The housemates will live in the house for 10 days and they will need to cook, clean and organise the house for themselves. For some this will be easy, and for some this will be a challenge in itself.

For many of the housemates, getting into a pool or hot tub will be an ordeal because of how they feel about their bodies. But once they realise that people in the house aren’t judging, will they dare to bare themselves?

We accompany the housemates as they head out of the house and venture into town to go shopping. How do they all cope with the looks and stares and comments that they all get alone, but together will be amplified? 

Episode 3

As we reach the end of our nine extraordinary people’s time together there’s one theme left to explore: love and attraction. Singletons Harnaam, Bashir and Lucas brave the intimidating world of speed dating – will they be able to let their guards down enough to enjoy the night or will the fear of rejection hinder any real romance? Or will they find that love is closer to home than they first expected?

Episode 2

After four days in the house together our group of extraordinary people are ready to put public prejudices to the test in the world of work. Kristin struggles to be taken seriously as a waitress at just 3ft 5”, while server Rachael and shop assistant Ted fear being ignored altogether. Meanwhile Lucas takes a painful trip down memory lane after visiting a local school with Rowdy, can he stop history from repeating itself?

Episode 1

In the heart of the Yorkshire Countryside, nine remarkable individuals from all over the world are about to meet for the very first time. Amongst the first to arrive are double amputee Rowdy who walks on his hands, Kristin a woman with primordial dwarfism, and Ted Parrotman – a man who has gone to extreme lengths to change his identity and appearance to more closely resemble that of his favourite creatures.