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The Brigade   

Series 1: 8x60 | HD | 2019
Production Company
Media Headquarters
Primary Broadcaster
The Outdoor Channel

History is defined by legendary expeditions - none more daring than the York Factory Express, a 19th century fur trade route from the Pacific coast to icy shores of the Hudson Bay. Famous for its dangerous waterways and rugged terrain, “The Express” remains one of the most spectacular journeys on the planet.

Now 10 strangers unite for an extraordinary challenge. In a race against time, they must retrace 750 miles of The Express in only 28 days by boat and foot. Like the original "fur brigades", they have no fuel and no GPS. Those who reach the final destination, York Factory, on the shores of Hudson Bay, will split $500,000.

It’s a punishing test. To succeed, the Brigade must work together to battle miles of treacherous rivers, mountains, and forests that will make completing the journey nearly impossible. To give them a fighting chance, food and supplies can be found in 7 caches along the way. The only way out is to quit or be medically evacuated.

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Episode 7

Faced with a grueling upstream fight against the glacier-fed current of the Wood River and a back-breaking uphill hike through the rugged Rocky Mountains, the brigade struggles to keep pace. Divided on how to deal with an injured teammate, they’re forced to confront difficult decisions that threaten to break them apart.

Episode 3

Heading into their first portage, the brigade tests their strength and skill in a dangerous face-off with the swift current of the Columbia River. A menacing logjam on Wood River forces the brigade to confront a growing crisis of leadership. In a hasty effort to make up lost time, a key member of the team suffers serious injury.

Episode 1

Ten strangers unite to tackle a spectacular wilderness expedition. They will travel 750 miles of the historic fur trade route, the York Factory Express, from British Columbia to the shores of the Hudson Bay, paddling dangerous waterways and hiking and portaging over punishing terrain. The team must complete their journey in only 28 days if they hope to share in a $500,000 cash prize.