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Supercar Superbuild   

Series 1: 8x60 | HD | 2014
Series 2: 8x60 | HD | 2016
Production Company
Cry Havoc Productions
Primary Broadcaster

They’re rare. They’re beautiful. They’re expensive. This series tells the unique stories of the world’s greatest supercar. Behind each car is a dedicated team of passionate artisans that overcome tremendous obstacles as they dream big and think outside of the box in order to create the ultimate automotive fantasies for car fans around the world.

Supercar Superbuild offers access-all-areas to some of the world’s most desirable four-wheeled machines and their creators. What were the challenges? Who was the strong-willed personality that led the charge? Where did the inspiration come from? What makes each supercar exclusive and distinctive?  

Series 2 - Jaguar

It is the first 200-mile per hour production machine from perhaps the most famous sporting icon in British motoring and the spiritual successor to one of the most famous sportscars ever built - The Jaguar F-Type SVR. A stealthy project brought to life by a top-secret division and a machine that owes its existence to a former British colony's radical twenty-first century industrial transformation.

Series 2 - Rolls Royce

For years Rolls Royce has succeeded by selling lavish chauffeured limousines but now the company faces a changing of the guard. Their core demos are rising and affluent buyers now clamor to pilot their own machines. The brands' answer is to reach into their illustrious past for a touch of sport. Its bold wager on the next generation of the ultra wealthy called the Rolls Royce Wraith.

Series 1 - Lamborghini

It's November 25, 2013 and the very last Lamborghini Gallardo has just rolled off the assembly line. After more than 14,000 Gallardos, it is the end of an era. Perhaps more importantly, it is the end of the single most successful supercar model ever produced in Italy. Now Lamborghini has designed a new machine called the Huracan. The question is, can it live up to the legacy of the supercar it replaces?

Series 1 - Porsche

The iconic 911 sports car manufacturer is at the top of its game but danger looms over the horizon if worldwide fossil fuels are depleted. To ensure the company's survival a team of highly trained engineers goes back to drawing board and reimagines the very concept of the sports car before setting out to build the world's first true hybrid supercar.