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Stacey & The Lifers    

Series 1: 1x60 | HD | 2020
Production Company
Wild Pictures

Stacey Dooley embeds herself in Iowa’s ‘Correctional Institute for Women’, a new purpose built $80 million jail with 700 inmates. But Stacey is here to get to know one particular group. The “lifers”, who make up around 10% of this prison population. These are the mothers, daughters, sisters and wives who have said ‘goodbye’ forever to their children and loved ones. Stacey does her time on the inside with a carefully cast group of lifers, their families and the staff who look after them.  These are women hidden from mainstream society, leading parallel existences behind bars. Stacey wants to understand how anyone can cope with the double blow of being written off forever by society and the permanent loss of liberty, love and affection that comes with it.  And what must it be like to know you will never again live in your own home, cook a family meal or share the rhythm of daily life with your family? As Stacey gets to know the lifers, and gains insight into their lives, her feelings, and ours, are tested. Some lifers have committed horrendous crimes, but often there are complex chains of events that have led them to this place; many have suffered considerable abuse and trauma before ever committing their crimes. Getting to know these individuals intimately, Stacey documents the unique experience of being a female lifer, with all the drama, emotions, twists and turns that brings. She will encounter pain, guilt and suffering; but also, humour, kindness and resourcefulness.