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Ron Iddles: The Good Cop   

Series 1: 6x60 | HD | 2018
Production Company
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RON IDDLES IS THE GOOD COP. The best Homicide detective Australia has ever seen.

This is the story of an old-school cop who is tough, inventive and incorruptible. A man who solved the unsolvable with his head and his heart.

For many years, television companies have dreamt of doing a series with Ron Iddles. Only now have the planets aligned. Ron has just retired ... and is ready to tell his story.
How did this intuitive cop put more murderers behind bars than any other Homicide detective in Australia? In “The Good Cop”, Ron Iddles shares his secrets.

Each episode will take us behind the scenes of one of Ron’s most challenging murder cases. Ron’s voice will be the backbone of the episode - his stories illustrated with compelling drama scenes, filmed in a modern crime-noir style.

"In a homicide investigation, failure is not an option "

Episode 3: Jane Thurgood-Dove

On November 6, 1997 – Oaks Day - a gunman shot Jane Thurgood-Dove dead in the driveway of her home in suburban Niddrie. Jane’s three children were in the car and saw everything. Ron Iddles was first detective to the scene that afternoon and ended up spending more than a decade investigating this high profile case. Ron believes he now knows why the cold-blooded murder took place and the identity of the killer.

Episode 2: Bonnie Clark

Just a few nights before Christmas in 1982, someone sexually assaulted and murdered six-year-old Bonnie Clarke in her bed in the Melbourne suburb of Northcote. Three decades on, with the case still unsolved, Bonnie’s dad Denis, who was dying of terminal cancer, asked Ron Iddles to track down his daughter’s killer. Ron realised that in many cold cases “the answer is in the file”. Ron and his team solved Bonnie’s murder, granting a dying man’s wish and vindicating an innocent woman.