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Series 1: 6x60 | HD | 2013
Production Company
Maverick TV/Motion Content Group
Primary Broadcaster
Channel 5

Nurses will follow the women and men at The Cardiff & Vale University Health Board. The 16,000 staff includes 6,500 frontline nurses who work in departments from A & E through to breast care and even on weekend nights, out on the Welsh capital's often chaotic streets. Their job is the real front line of the medical profession - highly skilled, urgent, bloody and above all vital.

This refreshingly honest series drills deep into the reality of nursing, a job that is diverse and challenging. We follow a group of nurses as they go about the frenetic daily business of saving lives and providing care to some of the city’s most vulnerable citizens. What does it take to do a job like this and what kind of person can cope with the pressure? 

Episode 3

In programme three, paediatric nurse, Adrian Smith, looks after 12 year Josh who is airlifted into the emergency department, at Heath Hospital, after being knocked down by a car outside his school. Josh has arrived alone and while his family make the three hour journey to the hospital by car, Adrian has to keep Josh calm whilst he and the team check for any damage to his brain or spine.

Episode 2

In programme two we meet two pioneering senior emergency nurses who work in University Hospital Wales' Emergency Unit. Fed up with the tsunami of weekend drunks taking up valuable trolley and bed space, Wayne Parsons and James Brewster-Liddle joined forces with local police and paramedics and came up with a plan. In September 2012 they set up the Alcohol Treatment Centre with the express aim of sobering up the city's drunks and keeping them out of the Emergency Unit.

Episode 1

In programme one we meet Sister Louise Farrow in one of University Hospital Wales' most pressurised departments. The resuscitation area, in the hospital's emergency unit, is where the most critically ill patients are treated and Louise has to be prepared for any eventuality at the drop of a hat. In the middle of a routine operation on a ninety year old man, Maggie gets an urgent call.