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Murdered By My Stalker   

Series 1: 3x60 | HD | 2018
Production Company
ITN Productions
Primary Broadcaster
Channel 5

Every week in the UK two people die at the hands of their stalkers. In fact, more than 90% of British murders involve stalking. A toxic cocktail of obsession, jealousy and violence makes stalking one of the most sinister and deadly crimes. Last year 1.2million Brits were the victims of stalking and half of these cases were between ex partners.

Stalking has even claimed some high-profile victims from Lily Allen, whose home was broken into by a man who stalked her for seven years, to Emily Maitlis who was stalked by a former university friend for more than 20 years, and Eddie Redmayne who was bombarded with letters and unwanted visits from an obsessed fan. Stalking is a crime with many victims. On average 21 people are affected in a case of stalking; from the victim, to their children, parents and even work colleagues.

Despite its devastating effects, stalking only became recognised as a crime in 2012 when the link between stalking and murder could no longer be denied. Since then law enforcement, agencies have been regularly criticised for not taking stalking cases seriously and sometimes with fatal consequences. Some experts describe stalking as, ‘murder in slow motion’ and now urge law enforcement to see tackling stalking cases as murder.

Episode 1

The brutal murder of university student Molly McLaren by her ex-boyfriend n in 2017 in a shopping centre car park made headline news and horrified the nation. What began as loves young dream ended in unimaginable violence.

Episode 3

In the sleepy town of Gloucester, 20-year-old hairdresser, Hollie, was savagely murdered by her ex-boyfirend after she broke up with him, a case that still haunts the locals four years on.