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Murder, Lies and Alibis   

Series 1: 5x60 | HD | 2019
Production Company
Nine Network Australia
Primary Broadcaster
Channel 9

Murder, Lies and Alibis is a documentary series that explores true crimes that are powerfully etched in the Australian public’s psyche.

The stories depicted in each episode of the series are actual crimes and will told by surviving victims, their family and friends, eye witnesses, investigators and perpetrators. Each episode will feature one case and the story will unfold from many perspectives with not only known facts and information but also material not previously revealed. The chronology of the events in each case will be portrayed with the story evolving as it actually happened, providing a true representation and narrative.

Each crime has had a profound impact on the people most intimately involved and as the narrative of the crime unfolds we learn not only about the actual events but reveal the personal journeys of survival each of our characters has experienced when living through the trauma of crime.

Where necessary we will use re-enactment and narration and each story will incorporate archive of the actual police interviews, CCTV, crime scene footage, home movies and photos, audiotapes, letters and emails as well as new and updated interviews.

Episode 4: Beauty Queen Killers

The chilling unsolved murder of teenage beauty queen Bronwyne Richardson. Murder, Lies & Alibis blows the case, which has defeated detectives for forty years, wide open with a series of revelations. Two different men have been charged with the murder two decades apart but neither has ever faced a trial.

Episode 3: The Bank Job

The full never before told story behind the greatest bank heist in Australian history. It was the summer’s day saga that paralysed Sydney and captivated the nation on live television. Now the hostages, police officers and witnesses at the heart of this incredible criminal event come together for the first time since it all happened to tell their amazing stories of survival.

Episode 1 : Murder In Paradise

A worldwide investigation into the brutal stabbing murder of celebrity podiatrist Phillip Vasyli, Australia’s $600 million king of feet. With his wife Donna facing a possible retrial for killing him in their island paradise home, sensational new evidence, uncovered by Murder, Lies & Alibis, blows the case wide open.