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Kathy Burke: All Woman    

Series 1: 3x60 | HD | 2019
Production Company
Flicker Productions
Primary Broadcaster
Channel 4

Award-winning actress, writer and theatre director Kathy Burke is on a mission to discover what it really means to be a woman in 2018 in a new three-part series.

Never one to hold back from speaking her mind and resisting the urge to fit herself to any mould of femininity she’s ever come across, Kathy Burke: All Woman w/t (3 x 60’) is a true celebration of all things female. Kathy has a unique take on her sex and plans to step into the shoes of some very modern women to see what their different takes on femininity can tell us.

Covering key themes that resonate with women of today – Beauty & Image, Work & Motherhood, Sex & Relationships – Kathy will tackle the big and small issues affecting women of all shapes and sizes.

"I have a naturally high fat arse, so I’ve got one thing on Kim K "
- Kathy Burke

Episode 3: Relationships

Kathy has never had a relationship that’s lasted beyond a few years, partly because she’s not willing to compromise, ‘and also because of the farting’. She believes women compromise most in relationships. But now women have more control over their lives, Kathy finds out what this new freedom really means for our relationships. She meets TV presenter Caroline Flack who reflects on how she has faced compromise with a boyfriend – she almost offered to stop working to keep him.

Episode 2: Motherhood

Kathy has never wanted children and wants to explore the experiences of women who have chosen motherhood, and ask if the reality of ‘having it all’ is simply another pressure on women. The average age of the first time mother is rising. Kathy meets Joanna, a high flying financial analyst in the City of London. Aged in her mid thirties, she has decided to freeze her eggs. Kathy follows Joanna through the procedure and learns about the likelihood that a baby will result.

Episode 1: Beauty

If women are unhappy with their appearance they can now change the way the look. But should women try to conform to a fixed idea of what beauty is, or accept how they look? Kathy has never considered herself a conventional beauty… but would she, should she, change her own appearance? Kathy accompanies Megan Barton Hanson to a red carpet event. She spent over 20k on cosmetic surgery to transform herself and launch her career on reality TV series Love Island. Was it worth it?