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Inside Phuket Airport   

Series 1: 10x60 | HD | 2019
Production Company
Flicker Productions
Primary Broadcaster

Airport-based reality series that follows hedonistic and hot young holiday-makers as they touch down for the trip of a lifetime. In this younger-skewing series, we immerse ourselves in the outrageously hedonistic holidays of our English-speaking cast, from the moment they touch down at Phuket airport, ready to embark on an adventure of a lifetime on Thailand’s most beautiful island. We’ll be there for all the drama – holiday romances, full moon parties, hospital visits – until they pack their bags to head home again, with all the drama of missed flights, lost passports, and run-ins at customs...

Ep 4: Mangoes & Medical Dogs

We’re back on shift with Customs officer Pui who has a hard time trying to explain the prohibited goods rule to a passenger who’s bringing in a box of illegal fruit. We meet Andy from Doncaster who’s trying to get a flight back to Manchester along with some very valuable and extremely oversized baggage.

Ep 2: High Stakes

The stakes are extremely high as there is a power cut at one of South East Asia’s busiest airport hubs and with flights arriving from all over the world and in quick succession, it’s a pressing and stressful time for Customer Relations officer Zang and her team and a world of frustration for the incoming and weary passengers.

Ep 1: Phuket International

At Phuket International Airport, the Customer Services team are on a mission to make their toilet the best toilet of any Thai airport. British women Zoe and Georgia enjoy a 50th birthday bash in the holiday hotspot, but someone may have forgotten the sun cream.