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Hunting Nazi Treasure   

Series 1: 8x60 | HD | 2017
Production Company
Saloon Media/BriteSpark Films

This series is about the greatest theft in history and one of the biggest treasure hunts in the world today.

Between 1933 and 1945, the Nazis looted millions of cultural objects and hundreds of tons of gold bullion. They stole wedding rings and gold teeth fillings, uncut diamonds and crown jewels; they cleaned out museums, libraries, churches, synagogues, businesses, factories and family homes.

Some of what was stolen remains missing today, including an estimated 100,000+ artworks with pieces by Degas, Van Gogh and Raphael; as well as caches of gold, diamonds, jewellery and other cultural treasures worth tens, if not hundreds, of millions. The recovery effort began in the final days of the Second World War. It continues today.

Hunting Nazi Treasure puts the emphasis on contemporary investigation, detective work and authentic searching. Each episode follows a team of investigators on the trail of missing loot.  

Episode 1: Goerings Loot

Hermann Goering was the number two in the Nazi party, the head of the Luftwaffe and one of historys most notorious crooks. The team travels to Germany, Holland, the US, Spain & Switzerland to investigate Goerings massive multi-country looting operation - and they identify and track treasures still missing today.

Episode 2: The Mystery of Rommels Gold

Its a story so captivating even James Bind creator Ian Fleming wrote about it. In 1943, the Nazis stole a huge cache of gold, currency can other valuables from the Jewish community of Tunisia and then the treasure disappeared. Fleming was a real-life WWII British intelligence officer and based some of his stories on actual events. The team travels to North America, Corsica, Germany and South America to separate fact from fiction and follow the trail of the missing loot.