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High School   

Series 1: 8x30 | HD | 2019
Production Company
Greenstone TV
Primary Broadcaster

Follow 12 students on the road to becoming professional skydivers as they enter the most high-pressure classroom on the planet!

The students and instructors of High School Every year hopefuls from all around the globe apply for a place at The New Zealand Skydiving School, hoping to become fully certified skydive professionals. This 32-week course is the first and only formal skydiving qualification offered in the world.

Now, we go behind the scenes of this high-pressure classroom, following the highs and lows of 12 students as they embark on the journey of a lifetime.

Trained by an elite team of instructors, these international contenders will learn together, work together and live together, undergoing a rigorous and intense schedule as they strive to make it in this unforgiving and potentially dangerous career.

Episode 3

The day of their first skydive has arrived and the gravity of what the students are about to undertake is weighing heavily on their minds - not everyone feels ready.

Episode 2

To 'earn their wings' and graduate from ground school the students must overcome the infamous 'hanging harness' test before they'll be allowed to do their first solo.

Episode 1

Our virgin jumpers arrive at the Skydive school from all over the world but get a hard-hitting reality check on what it is exactly that they've signed up for.