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Henry VIII: Man, Monarch, Monster   

Series 1: 3x60 | HD | 2019
Production Company
Blakeway/Motion Content Group
Primary Broadcaster
Channel 5

How did Henry VIII change from a clever, handsome prince full of promise into an overweight, paranoid multi-married monster? What was it about Henry’s personality that has made him our most infamous King?

This sumptuous 3 part drama doc series, Henry VIII – Man, Monarch, Monster, reveals Henry like never before, bringing together a team of renowned Tudor experts to investigate the real man behind the myth. Delving deep into the historical records to unearth little-known documents never seen before on TV – this series gets to grips with Henry’s psychology and explores the ways in which his personality fundamentally shaped England as a nation.

Episode 3

Henry VIII has developed an agonising ulcer on his leg which has a terrible effect on his mental health and his moods. Henry is also losing his once athletic figure and becoming overweight and obese. Historian Lauren Johnson visits the kitchens of Henry’s palace at Hampton Court – to look at a document which outlines the enormous amounts that Henry was eating including exotic foods like porpoise and seal – and he was suffering from severe constipation as a result.

Episode 2

Henry’s infamous relationship with Anne Boleyn turns from infatuation to deadly hatred.
His obsession with marrying Anne results in a cataclysmic break with the Roman Catholic Church which is extremely unpopular with his people. To force his reforms through and plunder the wealth of England’s monasteries, Henry has a secret weapon in the form of his new chief advisor and enforcer – Thomas Cromwell.

Episode 1

In the first episode, our experts look at the ways in which Henry VIII’s traumatic childhood would affect his personality – from his older brother’s death, unexpectedly making him the heir to the throne of England to the early death of his beloved mother. The effect of his Mother’s death is revealed in an extraordinary recent discovery – an illustrated manuscript showing a young blonde Prince Henry weeping inconsolably over her loss.