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Dirty Tricks   

Series 1: 6x60 | HD | 2018
Production Company
Vice Studios
Primary Broadcaster

Ryan Tricks is a mind reader and a magician. But he’s not about pulling rabbits out of hats…Dirty Tricks is a brand new magic show that takes magic to a darker place. Many magicians use the exact same techniques as scammers, con artists and hackers to achieve their effects. Ryan’s mission is to use his knowledge to help people be more street smart through jaw-dropping street magic.

YouTube sensation and street magician Ryan Tricks is an exciting new talent in the magic world and has racked up over 200 million views worldwide. He has performed for celebrities the world over amazing the likes of Floyd Mayweather, Simon Cowell, Kevin Hart, Ice Cube and many more… 

Episode 5: Match Day

Ryan heads to the football to wow the fans and then heads to Arsenal training ground to wow the players.

Episode 4: Date Night

Love is in the air as Ryan explores the world of romance… from helping those unlucky in love to helping couples find out their compatibility, Ryan plays cupid with a ‘magical twist’.

Episode 1: Carnival

Ryan is at Notting Hill Carnival, educating revellers on how to be alert in crowded places.