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Debi Marshall Investigates: Frozen Lies   

Series 1: 5x60 | HD | 2019
Production Company
Media Stockade
Primary Broadcaster

In 1979, the case of the Body in the Freezer rattled Adelaide’s legal profession to its core. Flamboyant, gay, criminal barrister Derrance Stevenson is found sealed in his kitchen’s deep freeze, having been shot in the back of the head. His baby-faced lover David Szach, just 19 years old, is convicted of murder and serves 14 years in prison.

Problem is, for 40 years David has fiercely maintained his innocence. Now, with his appeal soon to be heard, David wants investigative crime journalist Debi Marshall to re-examine his case and what he claims is a gross miscarriage of justice.

Debi’s determination to fight for justice for victims and their families started after she helped track down the killer of her own partner in 1992. Debi’s emotionally raw and confronting story is also told across the series.

Ep 5: Chasing Monsters

Debi travels to southern Italy to track down the man who skipped the country and hears an incredible admission, decades-old court suppression orders are lifted and there are astonishing revelations as Debi puts to David the results of her investigation. Kris discovers a small but astounding detail in the crime scene photos. Behind bars, Debi confronts convicted Family killer Bevan Spencer von Einem.

Ep 3: The Boy Under The Bridge

Debi has questions about David’s original defence team and why the person charged with being an accessory after the fact to Derrance’s murder was allowed to skip the country. Debi examines the track record of South Australia’s former Chief Forensic Pathologist, a man unqualified to do the job. Tempers flare when David confronts a key witness and buried in a box of archives, Debi discovers a clue that links Derrance Stevenson to The Family Murders.

Ep 1: The Man Behind The Mask

Debi’s investigation begins by retracing David’s movements on the night of the murder, which means driving 900 kilometres to the dusty, outback town of Coober Pedy. To prove his innocence, David takes a lie-detector test. Debi begins to unpack David’s version of events on the night of the murder and sets out to recreate his 900-kilometre road trip to the outback. She questions David’s story when key witnesses contradict the all-important timeline.