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Combat Dealers   

Series 1: 6x60 | HD | 2014
Series 2: 8x60 | HD | 2015
Series 3: 10x60 | HD | 2016
Production Company
Primary Broadcaster
Discovery UK

Rambunctious dealer and historical detective Bruce Crompton is back, and the tweeds are louder than ever! He’s off in search of valuable wartime artefacts – from every war and every part of the world. Bruce does some big deals (worth half a million pounds and more) and unearths loads of fascinating artefacts.

His sidekicks do their best to keep up. As in previous series we can expect plenty of explosions, some ingenious bits of expert restoration, lots of haggling and, more than anything, some great, surprising history! 

Series 2 - Ep 1: Philippines

Bruce hits the Philippines and when his para sidekick Freddy isn't throwing up in the local restaurants Bruce is digging up some treasures from the Pacific War. Through the objects he haggles for and buys, we discover the fascinating and dark history of Japanese occupation during WW2 and the bloody battles fought by the Allies to kick them out.

Series 1 - Ep 6: Hollywood Calling

A Hollywood blockbuster war movie is being shot in the UK and they need genuine military vehicles and props. Knowing Bruce only deals in authentic kit, Hollywood comes calling. Renting out his vehicles to the movie could make Bruce a lot of money, so he organises a video to show-off his tanks and armoured vehicles in action. But is it enough to seal the movie deal?

Series 1 - Ep 3: D-Day Parachute Jump

Bruce rises to a challenge to do a D-Day parachute jump in Normandy. Although an ex- Para himself, he hasn't properly jumped in over 30 years. Deciding to do it authentically he sets about finding and buying genuine WWII paratrooper uniforms and kit. Bruce is also looking to fix, do-up and sell two classic wartime vehicles; a British Army armoured car called a Dingo and an American Willy's jeep.