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Combat Countdown    

Series 1: 12x60 | HD | 2016
Production Company
Primary Broadcaster
American Heroes Channel

The fastest, the fiercest, the most powerful war machines on the planet - This is Combat Countdown.

In 12 high-octane episodes we analyse cutting edge military hardware, from tanks and jet fighters to warships and heavy artillery. Each machine is assessed on a balance of proven combat performance, versatility, design ingenuity and rank within their class to deliver our definitive top ten.

Combat Countdown features live-action HD footage filmed on location with armies, navies and air forces in 10 different countries, combined with exclusive archive, some of it de-classified by the military specifically for use in this series. A panel of 14 carefully selected military experts, from fighter pilots and journalists to the US Army Colonel who captured Saddam Hussein, provide context and first-hand experience of what it’s like to wield these war machines on the battlefield.

Episode 1: Need for Speed

On the battlefield, speed can be the difference between life and death. This top ten counts down the best speed machines the world's military forces have to offer. Whether the battle is fought on land, sea or in the air, there are just two kinds of war machine. The quick, and the dead. With the help of military experts, we're going to examine the fastest weapon systems on the planet.

Episode 2: Ultimate Firepower

On the battlefield the difference between winning and losing often comes down to one thing... firepower. This is a top ten count down of the heaviest hitting military hardware on the planet. Firepower does more than just atomise the enemy. It dictates where and how the battle is fought. So we're analyzing the most devastating weapon systems across every class of gear; from guns and tanks to planes to ships; to find out what wields Ultimate Firepower.

Episode 8: Super Ultimate ATVs

In battle, the ultimate test for any war machine is the battleground itself. Weapon systems that can handle any terrain put you one step ahead of the enemy. We're counting down the top ten all-terrain war machines across every class of weapon system, from the harrier jump jet, to the fearsome Puma, and the cutting-edge M3 amphibious rig, to find out what delivers ultimate all terrain mobility.