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Banged Up: Teens Behind Bars    

Series 1: 3x60 | HD | 2019
Production Company
BriteSpark Films
Primary Broadcaster
Channel 4

Is your out-of-control teen one caution away from a criminal record? Are you at breaking point with nowhere left to turn? Do you despair of reaching them before they end up behind bars and their life chances are ruined?

The answer may lie in a unique real-life Florida programme of tough justice for tearaway teens at high risk of offending. This drama incarceration scheme gets astonishing results. Just 9 percent of graduates go on to get banged up for real, compared to a national prison recidivism rate of 70 per cent. Now, for this ambitious and ground-breaking TV first, we’re supersizing this scheme and sending some of the toughest delinquents to the Sunshine state for the most intense week of their lives, both physically and mentally.

Packed with drama, conflict, jeopardy, raw emotion, and profound insights into the hearts and minds of these untamed teens at their most vulnerable - and reachable – this gripping series will irrevocably change lives… for the better.

Can this high-stakes transformational TV experiment turn around our Jailhouse Teens - and do them justice in every sense?

"Won Breakthrough Crime Series 2019 "
- Content Innovation Awards

Episode 3

Officers become alarmed when a padlock, which could be used as a lethal weapon, goes missing and the teens come face to face with murder victims at the police morgue.

Episode 2

Officers turn up the pressure on the British teens who join the chain gang and meet two men charged with murder. After failing a dorm inspection Whitney and Layla fight.

Episode 1

The 8 British teens get their first shocking taste of prison life. Hugh wants to leave and Tunde becomes increasingly defiant leading to the group being punished.