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Borderforce USA: The Bridges   

Series 1: 10x60 | HD | 2018
Production Company
Stampede Productions
Primary Broadcaster

Over half of America’s southern border is created by the Rio Grande, a murky, brown river that snakes its way between Texas and Mexico. A total of 28 bridges cross the river, linking the United States and its southern neighbour.

Every day 250,000 people, 12,000 cargo trucks and 5000 railroad cars cross the bridges for a multitude of reasons. Some legal – and some not. The Department of Homeland Security division responsible for the bridges is the CBP – Customs and Border Protection. For the first time, a TV cameras have been granted unrestricted access to these international bridges to witness the processes and the technology that the CBP deploys in its mission to keep America safe.

Episode 1

In this episode a shipment of cardboard packaging hides a deadly secret; heroin disguised as a computer laptop baffles the world’s most advanced narcotic detection device while the diligence of agriculture specialists pays off – and saves America’s forestry from a potentially devastating insect infestation.

Episode 2

In this episode officers are on high alert for a cartel ambush as they transfer a Sicario over one of the 28 border bridges and into the custody of the Mexico military; a random inspection of a pick-up truck reveals 32 kilogrammes of narcotics while a man, his aluminium shed and a broken key brings chaos – then smiles – to the Gateway to the Americas Bridge in Laredo.

Episode 5

In this episode officers become suspicious when they pull over a businessman from Mexico who is making a rare journey to the United States in a brand new car. On the Juarez-Lincoln International Bridge in Laredo a man is detained after a canine alerts to drugs in a car. But why is he carrying such a small amount? Is it because he is a decoy for a cartel and trying to draw attention away from a bigger shipment of narcotics crossing the bridge at the same time?