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Anna Gare's Taxi Fare   

Series 1: 10x30 | HD | 2018
Production Company
Essential Quail
Primary Broadcaster
Channel 9, Australia

We follow celebrity cook Anna Gare, as she gathers stories and recipes from 13cabs Taxi Drivers, to recreate their favourite dishes as simple family meals at home. In each episode we join Anna on a cab ride as she gets to know her 13CAB driver and collects amazing recipes and the stories along the way. Back in her kitchen Anna demonstrates how to recreate these dishes and then throws a surprise dinner for the driver and their family in their home.

It could be Dhruv's classic Indian butter chicken with a clever tandoor hack, Stephen's crowd-pleasing okonomiyaki, or Cyrille's childhood favourite, a decadent French chocolate mousse. Their origin stories will surprise you and the dishes will be divine.

Episode 5: Greg

In this episode Anna meets Greg, a driver from Newcastle with a heart of gold. She cooks up Greg’s delicious vegan Bolognese inspired by his daughter, a quick and healthy detox salad and some magic meringues with a secret ingredient! Later, she visits Greg and his family to get the final verdict.

Episode 1: Dhruv

In this episode Anna meets Dhruv, a young driver from Northern India. She learns an amazing tandoor trick that will transform her butter chicken curry, a recipe for the perfect fluffy fragrant rice and a super easy chop chop salad. Later, Anna meets Dhruv’s family, rolls up her sleeves and gets her hands dirty.