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Extreme Ice Machines   

Series 1: 8x60 | HD | 2020
Production Company
Architect Films
Primary Broadcaster
TCB Originals / Science Channel

Whether it’s part of the transportation team in the Antarctic or the safety squad at the world’s most northern airport, there is a machine that makes everything possible in the extreme cold.

Machines made for extreme weather are, by definition, durable, tough and essential. They are critical for human survival in conditions that are meant to kill us.

Humans have inhabited all regions of the planet. In the areas with extreme weather we have created machines that allow us to live and thrive. We have done this out of necessity. These machines are not optional, they are needed and depended upon.

Without the machines, we simply can’t survive. EXTREME ICE MACHINES is a celebration of these amazing inventions.

In each hour-long episode, we highlight three different extreme machines from across the planet. The series is hostless and the story is driven via narration.

Episode 3

A revolutionary deicer protects planes from sub zero temperatures when arriving and departing from Canada’s busiest airport while Switzerland tests the cutting edge capabilities of a helicopter shaped drone. Offering modern comfort to the age-old art of ice fishing on Lake Winnipeg is, the Sno Bear.

Episode 2

A wind farm depends on the all-terrain abilities of the Hagglund BV206 to help keep the lights on in Sweden while a Canadian fisherman puts his trust in the Bombardier B12 to preserve his livelihood. Standing frontline with a small town search and rescue team in northern California is the Tucker Sno-Cat.

Episode 1

Custom made, tundra-touring 'Rovers' offer sightseers exclusive access to polar bears in northern Canada, while the 'Twin Otter' takes to the arctic sky dropping much needed supplies to isolated villages. In the mountains of Norway, a train-mounted snow blower keeps the railways clear and communities connected during the harsh cold winter.