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Ultimate Rides   

Series 1: 20x30 | HD | 2019
Production Company
Barcroft Studios
Primary Broadcaster

Prepare to meet the fast and the curious, as each episode of Ultimate Rides features five incredible vehicles which are all linked by a theme. The series is driven by the passion and knowledge of the owners, designers and customisers for whom these rides are everything.

Revel in the horsepower, marvel at the inventive engineering, gasp at the stunts as we unearth lost classics, follow incredible customisations and watch world record attempts unfold. From burning rubber with muscle cars in Detroit, to tackling all terrains in the wilds of Canada, to a unique custom build in a shed in Australia, this series isn’t afraid to get its hands dirty and get under the hood as it tracks down the best and most unusual vehicles in the world and puts them through their paces. Whatever your dream drive, Ultimate Rides will get your motor running. Buckle up!

"I’m delighted to be working with two brilliant partners in FYI and TCB to create this show, a series that taps into deep passions, great characters and amazing rides! "
- Alex Morris - Barcroft Chief Creative Officer

Episode 09: SUVs

In this episode of Ultimate Rides we’re talking style, power and protection as we prove that SUVs aren’t just for soccer moms. In the 1970s you could have picked up an International Harvester Scout for a few thousand bucks. Now these old SUVs are being resto-modded and are selling for the price of a supercar! We check out a glorious orange example by Florida customizers Velocity who have restored, repaired and rebuilt every inch of this cool vintage cruiser.

Episode 08: Sports Cars

In this episode of Ultimate Rides, we show off five ultimate sports cars that each have a surprise under the hood. First up, a Camaro with huge 32-inch rims prowls the streets of Illinois showing off its amazing chameleon paint job. We meet the Swiss automotive futurist who decided to take spy movie moves and make them a reality – by designing and building a sporty convertible that drives on land and can go underwater!

Episode 03: Monster Trucks

In this episode of Ultimate Rides, we take on a tour of five of the greatest monster trucks ever built. First, we go back to where it all began – Bigfoot! The Godfather of monster trucks himself, Bob Chandler, shows off his greatest creation, Bigfoot 5 - the tallest, heaviest, widest monster truck ever. Next, we travel to Idaho to check out Jimmy Driver’s creepy conversion, Mortis – a six-wheel monster built out of an old hearse.