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I Want That Car   

Series 1: 10x60 | HD | 2013
Production Company
Daisybeck Studios
Primary Broadcaster

We tap into the massive second hand car market by looking at which car to buy and how to get the best price, as we follow two buyers in each episode looking to purchase their dream used car on a fixed budget.

Presented by Mat Watson, a motor journalist for Auto Express Magazine and Rebecca Jackson who buys cars and sells them on for a profit.

With money tight all round, buying a car is often the biggest expense after a mortgage or paying the rent and this new show aims to educate and entertain the audience about what to look for and how to haggle to get the best car at the best price.


Episode 7

The first buyer is 23 year old Operations Manager Bradley Birmingham, who is no stranger to expensive cars. He currently drives an Overfinch Rangerover but wishes to swap to a Porsche with a budget of £45,000. The second buyer, 28 year old Adam Brook is looking for a new car on just a £5,000 budget, as his Vauxhall Astra Convertible has done over 100,000 miles.

Episode 5

The first buyer is 36 year old Sam Morgan who dreams of driving a TVR Tuscan, but currently owns a BMW Mini Convertible and is looking for something bigger to fit his dog Portland in. The second buyer, 33 year old Matthew Lord is looking for a car on just a £5,000 budget, and as his current Peugeot 306 hasn't been particularly reliable, he is looking to avoid another French car.