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Lords of the Ocean   

Series 1: 13x60 | HD | 2019
Production Company
Arcadia TV

Matt & Robin Lohnes fight the sea in the world’s deadliest workplace: The North Atlantic.

Need a ferry busted out of an icy river and towed through raging currents? Looking for lost military hardware on the bottom of Davy Jones’ locker? Shipwrecks, sub-sea construction, hauling and hoisting. Who you gonna call with problems like that? For 50 years, the Lohnes’ family business, Dominion Diving has helped people fight back when things go wrong at sea.

It’s a 24-hours, high-stakes operation with a team of 40 people: divers, ROV pilots and salty sea captains. They’ve invested millions in the latest boats, gears, gadgets and technology – all backed up by an old-fashioned thirst for adventure on the high seas.

Matt’s bigger than life, louder than hell and ready for anything. His brother Robin is serious, safety-minded and focused. Robin struggles to rein Matt in - but Matt’s hubris, determination and drive are what keeps the company afloat.

"Let me tell you about the sea. It’s greedy and it’s mean. It’ll take everything you care about and it doesn’t give a damn. "

Episode 2

When part of a high-tech military installation goes missing from a top-secret job site, Sean must find it, or risk blowing a big job while the bosses are out of town.

Episode 1

Winter storms froze a passenger ferry in place on the banks of a raging river. The crew from Dominion Diving must battle ice, tides and a narrow weather window to bust it out and haul it away. A quarter million dollars is on the line.