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Unboxed With Nikki Chu   

Series 1: 8x30 | HD | 2018
Production Company
Our House Media
Primary Broadcaster

Interior designer to the stars Nikki Chu, answers her fans’ Mayday calls, to transform home spaces that are driving them crazy. The owners must choose between two boxes of inspiration, before Nikki kicks them out and gets to work. When they return three days later, the transformations are mind-blowing.

Episode 2

Courtney is a real estate broker who sees a ton of homes with amazing bedrooms, but her own bedroom has no life and lacks sunshine. She’s in need of a classy, contemporary and colourful transformation to show her personality. Join Nikki as she takes Courtney's lackluster bedroom "from so bland to so bomb"!

Episode 1

Yvette and Cory have a large blended family and want their family room to reflect their vibrant personalities, so Nikki creates a trend-forward design that celebrates their roots, and works for the whole family in the series premiere of this home-decor series.