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Rich Kids Go Skint   

Series 1: 06x60 | HD | 2017
Series 2: 16x60 | HD | 2018
Production Company
Kalel Productions
Primary Broadcaster
Channel 5

In this series, 6 rich kids, ditch their fast cars, five-star hotels and endless shopping trips to go skint with families living on the breadline. During their stay, they’ll experience the shock of living below the poverty line, by helping to shop, feed, and babysit for families who can barely make ends meet. Sparks will fly and tears will fall as they face the most challenging few days of their entire lives. 

"Second most watched Commission in 5STAR’s history, behind only Celebs on the Farm. Ratings have been 4 times above slot average for 16-34s' "

Series 2 - Episode 5: Freddie & Charmaine

Freddie Pownall is a 19- year old rich kid born into a life of pampered privilege. Freddie was educated at Milton Abbey, one of the UK’s finest private schools, at a cost of £36,000 per year. His family divide their time between their 5 bedroomed home in west London and a villa in Ibiza. Freddie spends £300 + per week on socialising and kits himself out for clothes from Saville Row and Gucci. He’ll be spending a few days with fun-loving Charmaine, a 34-year old single mum from Watford. In contrast to Freddie’s comfortable and secure background, Charmaine is lucky to have a roof over her head.

Series 2 - Episode 2: Sacha & Juanita

Sacha Mortell is a 21year old rich kid with a handbag collection worth over £30,000 and an obsession with expensive, fast cars. She uses her parents’ 6-bedroom house in Chiswick as her base. But Sacha is rarely at home due to her round-the-clock swanky social life. She’s spending time with single mum-on-benefits Juanita in Orpington. How will cash broke Juanita react to Sacha’s £4000 outfit compared to her own that costs £40? Not very well! Can Sacha leave her fast and fabulous life behind to experience a basic life on the breadline?

Series 1 - Episode 1: Anna & Fergus

Fergus is a rich kid who flaunts his wealth on social media, for his thousands of his followers to see. He's spending a couple of days living with Anna and her family, who are on the breadline and desperately struggling to make ends meet. Can he take over running Anna's home and prove to himself that he can stand on his own two feet, without Daddy's support? He'll be chased off a council estate, made to feel mortified for wearing a Rolex, and nearly have a panic attack whilst doing the weekly shop on a budget, for Anna's family. This could well be the most important few days of Fergus’ life.