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Wings of War   

Series 1: 10x60 | HD | 2017
Production Company
Woodcut Media
Primary Broadcaster
Quest UK

In this new and comprehensive 10 part series, we tell the quintessential story of the role planes and their pilots have played in military history. From the engineering marvels and military context through to the remarkable human accounts and characters, each episode will be thematic. Wings of War shows the role they have played in military aviation history and how technology allowed aerial combat to advance beyond the realms of possibility. We also tell the stories of the pilots who flew these legendary aircraft - stories filled with excitement, emotion, historical detail and engineering prowess. All of which is brought to life through a combination of expert interviews, authentic recreation, engineering graphics and archive with purpose to unravel and illustrate each piece of aviation history in all its detail and glory. 

Episode 3: Fight For The Skies

This episode focuses on the technological race in the early 20th Century to have an airplane that would help win wars. The episode opens with the BE2c, Britains first every military aeroplane which was built at the Royal Aircraft Factory in Farnborough. We explore the history of the Sopworth Triplanes and its German counterpart, the Fokker Triplanes.

Episode 1: Bombers

This episode features the mighty bombers of WWII from the British night-time bomber, the Lancaster, to the American/Canadian Dakota. It tells the story of the bouncing bomb and describes how The Dambusters achieved their famous mission using the weapon designed by British engineer Barnes Wallis to destroy a German dam. The episode finishes with the story of the long range, jet-powered the B-52 from its first flight in 1952 onwards.