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Shipwreck Secrets   

Series 1: 6x60 | HD | 2018
Production Company
Like A Shot Entertainment
Primary Broadcaster

Scattered across the world, over 3 million shipwrecks line the floors of our oceans, seas and lakes. Most are waiting to be discovered, have their stories told and their secrets revealed. In this new 6 x 60’ series, Shipwreck Secrets joins teams of explorers, investigators and maritime experts from across the globe as they discover, identify and uncover the truth about some of the most fascinating wrecks on earth. From ships believed lost to the curse of the Bermuda Triangle, to the largest naval battle in history, this series uses cutting edge underwater technology to gather the clues and piece the evidence together and lay to rest the mysteries of the deep.

"Unravelling incredible stories and revealing sunken secrets "

Ep 2: Japan's Ghost Fleet

After the US launched an attack on the Japanese imperial fleet in Micronesia during WWII, Chuuk Lagoon became home to one of the greatest underwater graveyards in the world. Now, a marine biologist and a deep-sea diver return to Micronesia to dive and explore an unknown wreck they discovered on a sonar hit nearly 20 years ago.

Ep 1: Beyond the Bermuda Triangle

A team of underwater explorers set out to search for the wreck of a ship believed to have gone missing over 100 years ago in the Bermuda Triangle. What they discover is a tale of tragedy and loss, but their investigation brings closure to the families of those lost at sea.