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Secrets Of The Railways   

Series 1: 6x60 | HD | 2018
Production Company
Like A Shot Entertainment
Primary Broadcaster

Ever since the first passenger-carrying railway was opened at Oystermouth in Great Britain in 1807, the railways have played a unique role in world history. They have been powerful evidence of man’s pioneering spirit, which provide us still with unique ways to travel far and wide. The great engines which thundered along the railway tracks of the world were often beautiful and majestic things and the railways themselves were sometimes powerful reflections of the times.

Whether they’ve been at the cutting edge of progress or at the heart of conflict and war, the railways of the world have always been surrounded by astonishing stories and dramatic episodes which feature many remarkable people. From the train pioneers of the American west or the Australian outback, through their use in Hitler’s Reich, to the Golden Age of steam, the railways are a perfect blend of scientific innovation, engineering expertise and compelling history.

Episode 5: The First Modern Railway

In many ways, this is the daddy of them all – The L&MR was not only the first to rely exclusively on steam power, with no horse-drawn traffic permitted at any time, it was also the first to be entirely double-track throughout its length. It was the first railway to have a signalling system, the first to be time-tabled and the first to carry mail. Put simply it was…first.

Episode 3: The Gold Rush Yukon Railway

Born of the Klondike Gold Rush in 1897, the need came for better transportation through the treacherous White Pass Mountains to the Canada-US border. We’ll ‘travel along’ the Yukon railway as we tell the whole astonishing story and take a look at the small section recently reclaimed and repurposed into a heritage site.

Episode 1: The Nazi Gold Railway

This is the story of one of the great European projects, conceived long before the EU was even born….the grand plan to open up the Spanish and French border via a railway route through the Pyrenees. With increased international trade and travel as its primary aim, the ambitious scheme involved dozens of bridges being built and a series of tunnels being drilled through the mountains.