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Nazi Murder Mysteries   

Series 1: 6x60 | HD | 2018
Production Company
Like A Shot Entertainment
Primary Broadcaster

Another six-part series from the popular ‘Murder Mysteries’ strand. Nazi Murder Mysteries looks at some of the most shocking and unusual cases connected with the regime’s bloody reign. From the suspicious death of Hitler’s niece and a serial killer terrorising Berlin to the corrupt murder investigation that linked the former King of Great Britain to Nazi money.

In a time that saw Germany ruled by some of the world’s most prolific killers and when institutionalised mass murder was committed on an industrial scale, it’s easy to understand why some cases ended up as little more than a footnote to history. This series however, explores and investigates the murders and mysterious deaths that have either remained lost, forgotten or even covered up. Incorporating expert interviews with dramatic reconstruction, international location filming and archive footage, each stand-alone episode tells another side to people, stories and history that you thought you knew.

Episode 1: Hitler's Niece

The fact that Hitler’s niece, Geli Raubal, was found dead in his apartment in 1931 has remained a little-known footnote in the Fuhrers long and bloody legacy. This episode explores the strange and sometimes disturbing relationship between Hitler and Geli. While through dramatic reconstructions, expert interviews and original police files, it investigates whether Geli died at her own hands or was the tragic victim of Hitler’s overbearing affections.

Episode 5: Hermann Goering

In 1946, Hermann Goering, one of the most powerful figures in Nazi Germany, was sentenced to death by hanging at the Alied court in Nuremberg. In this episode we explore the theories surrounding his death. Had he carried it with him the whole time, concealing it from the extensive and thorough checks carried out by the prison guards? Or had he received help from the very people who were supposed to be guarding him?