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Medieval Murder Mysteries   

Series 1: 6x60 | HD | 2015
Production Company
Like A Shot Entertainment
Primary Broadcaster

The medieval period gave us some of the greatest, most enduring stories in history. Some are of them were real – some are altered into pure Legend. These legends usually had somebody doing villainous deeds. The even greater thing is that most of these were surrounded in mystery or conspiracy.

Medieval Murder Mysteries uses modern thinking from historical police criminology combined with forensics and human osteologists blended with current historical ideas to try and solve what really happened all those years ago. Magnificent castles, chivalrous knights, powerful kings and queens? You’ll have them. Also require dark deeds, illicit lovers, greedy nobles, mad cardinals? Look no further. They’re all here. 

Christopher Marlowe

England 1593: In a house just outside of London, Christopher Marlowe, England's most celebrated poet and playwright - came to an abrupt and violent end. From the London playhouses to the Elizabethan secret service, Marlowe's intriguing and mysterious life has led many to question the official events on that fateful day.

Edward II

In England 1327, the body of the recently disposed king Edward the second, lays on his cell at Berkeley Castle, waiting to be embalmed. If official accounts are to be believed, Edward died from natural causes. Perhaps it was an undisclosed illness. But for some, the demise of the former King was suspiciously timely, and all too convenient for his enemies. Could there be more sinister and gruesome reasons behind the death of Edward II?