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Survival In the Skies   

Series 1: 4x60 | HD | 2015
Production Company
Arrow Media
Primary Broadcaster

The inside story of four crucial inventions that have paved the way for human exploration over the last century: The space suit, ejector seat, parachute and jet engine have protected and saved thousands of people from certain death. But their evolution has been a turbulent journey..

In each episode we feature the incredible breakthroughs, turning points, triumphs and disasters; and the people involved – pioneers, engineers, designers and those who owe their lives to them. 

Space Suits

The history of the space suit is revealed and we get to hear fascinating stories from some of the small number of astronauts who have spacewalked in the most hostile environment man has ever explored.


We explore the different designs in parachutes from low altitude release to tandem dives and precision drops for secret missions, and those that have used them in anger.

Ejector Seats

The ejector seat is an incredible piece of military hardware that is often as complicated and carefully calibrated as the plane that houses it.