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Series 1: 10x30 | HD | 2014
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In the big country, blue-collar Aussie hero Jon Kelly and his team of heavy haulage drivers specialise in moving the biggest loads you will ever see on the road to places no one thought they can get them to.

Jon has built HEAVY HAULAGE AUSTRALIA from a one truck operation to a 25 strong fleet of the best looking trucks in Australia in just over 10 years. Incredibly he’s still only 32 years old. What’s more, Jon has a reputation for taking on the hardest jobs in the business. If they say it can’t be done it ‘s like a red rage to a bull, he will do everything he can to take it on and make it happen.

As he puts it “No amount of cash in my bank account can match the feeling I get when people look at a truck and go “Wow!” Its all about the trucks doing their job and looking sexy.” 

Episode 3

When Jon gives young gun driver Ryan and veteran driver Brad the task of hauling two LOCOMOTIVES 4,500 kilometres to Perth it turns into the journey from hell for the two MegaTruckers. A problematic trailer causes costly time delays and burns through thousands of dollars of tires and then Brad’s truck breaks down in the middle of the outback. Can they deliver their cargo on time and in one piece?

Episode 1

Jon Kelly finds himself with too many jobs and not enough drivers. Much to his other drivers’ alarm he’s forced to rehire driver Chris, aka ‘CBoy’, a young-gun who was fired six-months ago for consistently letting the team down and not turning up for work. The job is to deliver a ‘SWITCH-ROOM’ filled with a million-dollars of electrical equipment from one side of Brisbane to another for a brand new client.