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How Did They Build That?   

Series 1: 8x60 | HD | 2019
Production Company
Curve Media
Primary Broadcaster
TCB Originals

From an underground luxury hotel in China to an elevator ride to the top of the world, a bent copper-covered Manhattan skyscraper to the a 500m sky garden in Singapore, this brand new 8 part series celebrates some of the most incredible feats of engineering that beg the question: How Did They Build That? Travelling across the world in search of the answers, we meet the people who designed and built them and reveal the extraordinary modern engineering secrets that made these modern wonders possible. Beautiful, audacious and extraordinary, this is engineering on a scale and complexity never seen before. And this engineering is guaranteed to take your breath away.

"Chosen as a Realscreen Hot Pick! "
- Realscreen Hot Picks 2019

Episode 4

In this episode we reveal how innovative engineers built an extraordinary bridge to span a vast valley and become the tallest in the world; how a luxury hotel was built upside down in an abandoned quarry in China; and what happens when you build a forest in the sky in the middle of a city.

Episode 3

In this episode we visit Singapore to reveal the engineering secrets of the world’s largest glass house roof and its forest of tropical super trees. In the heart of bustling London we go undercover to find out what happens when a major railway station is completely rebuilt during rush hour, and in scorching hot Las Vegas we learn what happens when a man has a dream to build a hospital that make a very big impression.

Episode 2

In this episode discover how engineers bent two Manhattan skyscrapers and then connected them with a sky bridge 700 feet in the air; in Greece the 10,000 square foot canopy designed to withstand hurricane winds on a building engineered to survive earthquakes; and the building designed to cool itself in the centre of Singapore.