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Engineering Space   

Series 1: 6x60 | HD | 2017
Production Company
Arrow Media
Primary Broadcaster

Over six one-hour episodes, Engineering Space recounts the stories of those remarkable individuals whose ingenuity, decisions and dedication were seminal in accomplishing some of America’s most memorable and important achievements in space. Weaving together engaging and enlightening film archive with interviews from engineers and engineering managers with an intimate knowledge and who overcame seemingly insurmountable challenges, Engineering Space focuses on the stories which were critical turning points on the road to success, many of which have yet to be told on-screen. We’ll include the voices of authoritative and informed space historians to provide the viewer with a wider perspective, and an appreciation of the actions and implications of those who worked on the front line. We’ll also hear from some of the astronauts who ultimately placed their lives in the hands of the spacecraft which our contributors dedicated their lives to engineering.  

Ep4 - Space Station

This is the extraordinary story of the engineers who pave the way for the most complex structure ever built in space: the International Space Station. In May 1973, the last Saturn V rocket is launched. Originally designed to take America to the Moon, this rocket has been modified. On board is a cavernous unmanned space laboratory, Skylab. Its mission: to enable three astronauts to live and work in space for months at a time.

Ep2 - The Lunar Module

July 20th 1969. Astronauts, Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong make history, becoming the first humans to set foot upon the Moon. But landing on the lunar surface challenges a dedicated team of engineers for almost a decade, designing a unique spacecraft, the Lunar Module. This is their remarkable story.

Ep1 - Saturn V

In 1961 President Kennedy galvanises the nation by announcing a race to the Moon with the Russians. With little more than slide rules engineers around the country must succeed in putting three astronauts first into Earth orbit, before firing them to the Moon. Led by the charismatic ex Nazi Werner von Braun his team of German rocket engineers design a rocket that weighs as much as a small naval cruiser. Building on previous engineering prowess their idea is to build a three stage rocket, the most complex ever attempted.