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EasyJet: Inside the Cockpit   

Series 1: 3x60 | HD | 2017
Series 2: 3x60 | HD | 2019
Production Company
ITN Productions
Primary Broadcaster

2016 was Easyjet’s busiest year to date. In its 21st year, the pressure was been on to take success to the next level. Huge growth has led to an unprecedented recruitment and training spree where they had to widen the pool and draw new recruits from all walks of life. Join our rookie pilots in their first day on the job as they begin life as EasyJet pilots. Not only will they be at the controls of an Airbus at 30,000ft, they are also responsible for 31 rows of tired, delayed, frustrated, low-cost holidaymakers … and they have four flights to make each day! Will they make the grade or will they have their wings stripped away from them? 

Episode 3

31yr old Adrian swaps his arctic lorry for an Airbus with 186 passengers on board including his parents and twin brother. Will he be able to keep his nerve when he performs his first landing in stormy weather. In Stansted - passengers are hoping for calmer flying conditions as they try and conquer their flying phobias.

Episode 2

Freshly-qualified 20-year-old Ryan Clyde lands for the first time in the dark in Paris with passengers on board - with the added complication that one of them has never flown before, and is extremely nervous. Meanwhile cadet Sophie Trunan learns how to deal with G-forces, and the firm?s training captains jet off to France to showcase their skills to seven fledgling pilots.

Episode 1

Last year British people took more flights than ever before, and with air travel increasing theres now a worldwide shortage of pilots. This year EasyJet, the UKs biggest airline, launched its largest ever pilot recruitment drive including a focus on encouraging more women to apply for this career where females currently make only three per cent of pilots worldwide.