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Definitive Guides   

Series 1: 2x60 | HD | 2016
Production Company
Arrow Media
Primary Broadcaster
Channel 5

The answers to some of the most enduring mysteries in the world lie beneath the ocean waves. This 2 part series looks at the legends and lore surrounding Sea Monsters and the Bermuda Triangle, and reveals the truth through cutting edge science.

Rare archive, eye-witness accounts, photo-real CGI, and dramatic reconstructions bring stories and legends to life. We set up scientific experiments to bring the theories to life, ranging from the full force of a monster’s bite to how huge bubbles could sink ships in the Atlantic Ocean.


Ep 1: Mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle

These stories continue to fascinate mystery-hunters... from the disappearance of Flight 19 during a Naval training mission in 1945, to the pilot who believes a strange cloud formation enabled him to enter a time warp, and the Soviet submarine which apparently encountered something travelling at 400 mph, under water. What could explain the disappearance of so many planes and ships? Is this area of the Atlantic between Bermuda, Miami and Puerto Rico unusually prone to freak weather? Could rogue waves be to blame, or giant methane bubbles released from the sea bottom?

Ep 2: Extreme Sea Monsters

Could the Kraken, feared by ancient Vikings, and the huge Biblical Leviathan really exist? The incredible dissection of the rarely seen Giant Squid may provide some answers. There is evidence that huge prehistoric creatures encountered each other in the sea, but which was the most fearsome? Modern orcas, which occasionally encounter great white sharks, offer a clue... And what of the most famous water monster of all allegedly living in Loch Ness, and the North American Caddie. The world's most advanced hydrophone survey of the Scottish loch produces evidence of a possible unknown life form.