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What You Get For The Money   

Series 1: 6x30 | HD | 2018
Production Company
Our House Media
Primary Broadcaster

Whether it’s checking out a beach front home in Corpus Christi, a Mansion in Atlanta or a 600 square foot apartment in Manhattan, we’ve all done it. On a vacation, on a business trip or just online, almost all of us have been tempted to see how much bang for your buck you get in different real estate markets. Now we’re bringing that insatiable, voyeuristic, often surprising, property compulsion to TV as we discover What You Get For The Money...

Episode 1

In Galveston, TX a couple added an entertainment space in the basement of their raised Victorian by incorporating the home’s stilts as a feature. And owners of a large suburban home in Charlotte, NC, built a custom sunroom for their pool table, adding both square footage and value to their home. Additionally, we take a quick look at six properties including a 2-story stone house in Shandaken, NY, and a five bedroom Victorian Mansion in Jackson, OH.