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For The Love of Meat   

Series 1: 3x60 | HD | 2016
Production Company
Essential Media
Primary Broadcaster
SBS Australia

Australia and the United States have spent the last couple of years swapping first and second position at the very top of the table of the world’s biggest meat eaters. We eat over 90kg per person per year, according to OECD figures, which is almost three times the global average.

It is this fact that sparks Matthew Evans to set out across the country determined to know how our meat is produced and what our rampant consumption of it means for our health, our animals and for the environment. He immediately finds there is a worrying lack of willingness from the meat industry to open up to the public about how their meat is produced. We now eat ten times more chicken than we did fifty years ago, which last year amounted to 600 million chickens Matthew realises if he wants to improve the welfare of as many chickens as possible, he needs to go mass market, so he approaches a fast food chain to see if they know the truth about how our chickens are farmed, they might swap out to use free-range chicken in all their restaurants. 

Episode 3

Many of us love a steak on the barbie, but what do we know about the cattle farming that helps it get there? Matthew Evans follows one cow all the way through the process to discover in front of a live audience that the eye fillet is less than 1% of the whole animal.

Episode 2

After months of trying, Matthew Evans finally finds an intensive pig farmer who will let him see how the majority of our pigs are farmed. He discovers most farmers put breeding sows in small cages called farrowing crates, which are just big enough for a sow to lie down while her piglets suckle.

Episode 1

After discovering we eat ten times more chicken per person than 50 years ago, Matthew Evans wants to know what this means for the chicken. When he finally discovers how up to 20 chickens live in each square metre in intensive farms, he realises how little we consumers know.