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Extreme Treks   

Series 1: 4x60 | HD | 2015
Series 2: 8x60 | HD | 2016
Series 3: 8x60 | HD | 2018
Production Company
Ryan Pyle Productions
Primary Broadcaster
Outside TV

Join adventurer and renowned photographer Ryan Pyle, as he spends months exploring and photographing some of the best Extreme Trekking locations in the world. His human-powered adventures are always inspiring, as he proves that anyone can get out and explore the great unknown.

Extreme Treks is a modern television series that is part adventure, part exploration and part education. The best way to understand and respect the world around us is to put yourself right in the path of Mother Nature herself. Leave your laptop at home, unplug from your life and get out and explore the world with Ryan Pyle.
The journeys undertaken in the series take the viewer on a spiritual, cultural and physically extreme adventures.

Series 3 - Ep 8: Laos

The Akha people are an indigenous hill tribe who live in small villages in the remote mountains of Thailand, Myanmar and Laos. They made their way from southern China into Southeast Asia in the early 20th Century as they avoided conflict in China. They represent one of the last truly untouched and remote cultures of Southeast Asia. Join Ryan Pyle as he explores Luang Prabang and then travels to the northern regions and treks from village to village and staying with local Akha families as he explores the culture and way of life of these remote and isolated peoples in this episode of Extreme Treks.

Series 3 - Ep 7: Russia

Mount Elbrus is the highest peak in Europe standing at 5,640m, and is considered one of the seven highest summits on the seven continents. Located in southern Russia along the border with Georgia, it offers true wilderness and some of the most dramatic landscapes that Europe has to offer. While Elbrus is the highest summit in Europe, it is known as one of the technically easiest peaks on the continent, but one can never under-estimate Elbrus as weather throughout the region is famously dangerous.

Series 3 - Ep 2: Papua New Guinea

The elusive Kokoda Trail is a single file footpath that runs 96 kilometers (60 miles) in a straight line through the Own Stanley Mountain Range in southern Papua New Guinea (PNG). The trail is well known first as a historical trading route between local communities, and second as the scene of major fighting between Australian and Japanese forces in World War II. Join Ryan Pyle as he climbs Mount Wilhelm at 4,509m (14, 793 feet) in central PNG before attempting the arduous and historic Kokoda Trail in this episode of Extreme Treks.