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Ainsley Eats the Streets   

Series 1: 10x60 | HD | 2014
Production Company
Snap TV
Primary Broadcaster
Channel 4

In every major city, there are countless culinary narratives going on; ones that tourists often miss on their packed sight-seeing days. We might traipse across town to a historic cathedral, but we’re all too guilty of taking the easy route when it comes to food – refuelling from boring tourist traps rather than exploring local cooking. Yet with a little bit of digging, we could uncover endless stories of remarkable and delicious cooking in every major city – and it would tell us as much about the destination and its inhabitants as any sparkling tourist attraction.

The cities visited are:
Barbados, Fes, Istanbul, Madrid, Osaka, Penang, Reykjavik, Sicily, Taipei, Amman. 


This is a city of high drama, steaming Geysers, midnight sun and unique food. Lobsters stews served from fisherman’s shacks, smoked penguin and stinky pickled shark are all there to tempt and concern Ainsley in equal measure. Where can you find the best Hotdogs in the Northern Hemisphere, well Iceland apparently! It’s an isolated country that has immense pride in its food which is why Ainsley is keen to hit the streets.


Small eats are the big thing in Taiwan where the philosophy is eat often and eat well. Every time you think you've found the best street-side bao, the most incredible stinky tofu stand or mind-blowing beef noodle soup, there's always another Taiwanese food shop that surpasses it. Taiwanese food is a mash-up of the cuisines of Chinese and Japanese cuisine with a bit of South East Pacific spice thrown in for luck. Ainsley loves a good culinary marriage and few are so diversely delicious!