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Wormwood Scrubs    

Series 1: 2x60 | SD | 2010
Production Company
Wild Pictures
Primary Broadcaster

Wormwood scrubs prison is one of Europe’s largest jails, holding up to 1280 male inmates, from drug addicted petty villains to sophisticated thieves and extremely violent, often disturbed, criminals. Some wings can hold over 300 prisoners, many of whom are drug addicts and, with only 12 guards to keep order, bullying and violence can be a daily occurrence. Up to 80 percent of the inmates have drug issues and many have mental health problems and are unwanted by a society that has washed its hands of them.

The Scrubs has no such luxury - “A lot of our prisoners are illiterate, or innumerate, some of them have never worked in their lives some have been criminals from a very young age and they are really damaged and difficult people to work with, all the more reason why we should work with them." Says Phil Taylor, Governor Wormwood Scrubs.

Episode 1

Watch as officers in the segregation unit attempt to manage one of the country’s most disruptive offenders. After he smashes his cell they are forced to remove him with shields and body armour. Then they must counsel him in order to get him to give up a piece of glass he has concealed before he can harm himself or others. Eventually he is moved on for his and the prison’s own good.

Episode 2

If prog one was a film about the staff of the Scrubs then prog two takes us onto the wings to find out what being an inmate in one of Europe’s biggest and toughest jails is really like, including Xmas day itself. There will be the usual action but the film will be an intimate portrait of the following characters: Jason Rock, Neil Mcarthy, Jason Cox