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Series 1: 3x60 | SD | 2011
Production Company
Wild Pictures
Primary Broadcaster

Britain’s largest high security prison allows an exclusive insight into life for prisoners and staff for a compelling and candid documentary series on ITV1, Strangeways.

Behind the Victorian walls of HMP Manchester, formerly known as strangeways, are some of the country’s most violent men. There are 1200 prisoners, including murderers, rapists, drug dealers and terrorists serving sentences ranging from a few days to life.

Our cameras were given unprecedented access to capture the frenetic and complex lives of some of Britain’s most dangerous men and the staff that preside over them.

Episode 3

Our cameras are allowed unique access onto the Cat A wing to film the lives of some of the nation’s most notorious criminals. This new series follows the frenetic lives of prisoners and prison officers who make up this complex and disturbed community at the same time demonstrating the courage of staff as they cope with the many challenges thrown at them often in the face of extreme provocation and even physical violence.

Episode 2

Healthcare deals with the most demanding and violent prisoners in Strangeways. The most disruptive prisoner David Charlton is often a resident on this wing as he cannot function on the normal wings. 40 year old Charlton claims he is disabled and staff must push him around the prison in a wheelchair – the catch is that experts say he CAN walk!

Episode 1

The first programme in the series looks at the importance of strong family ties in keeping prisoners on the straight and narrow and features tv’s first prison wedding as Kelly Hansen marries her fiancé – armed robber, Adrian Fielding, father to three of her children.