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Murder Made Me Famous   

Series 1: 6x60 | HD | 2015
Series 2: 7x60 | HD | 2016
Series 3: 6x60 | HD | 2016
Series 4: 6x60 | HD | 2017
Series 5: 6x60 | HD | 2018
Series 6: 8x60 | HD | 2019
Series 7: 6x60 | HD | 2020
Production Company
AMS Pictures
Primary Broadcaster
Reelz Channel

Examining killers who gained public notoriety when their crimes whipped up a media frenzy. The unnerving psychology behind murder has long been source material for television, books and movies, but why do certain killers capture the attention of millions?

Each one-hour episode of Murder Made Me Famous, presents dramatic recreations of well-known crimes, using archival material and insightful commentary from those connected to the case to help unravel the twisted personalities that were thrust into the spotlight. Featured commentator, for every episode is author and PEOPLE crime reporter, Steve Helling, who has covered several high-profile crime stories including the Natalee Holloway and Laci Peterson disappearances.

Series 5 - Ep 3: Whitey Bulger

Notorious gangster, Whitey Bulger, was one of the most prominent figures in Boston’s organized crime scene. From 1975 to 1990, Bulger also served as an informant to the FBI and tipped off police of other crime families while simultaneously building his own crime network. Bulger spent 12 years on the FBI Ten Most Wanted Fugitives list for charges that included racketeering, extortion, conspiracy and 11 murders.

Series 5 - Ep 2: Heaven's Gate

A former Texas music teacher and choir leader, Marshall Applewhite was the founder of the Heaven’s Gate, a religious group which organized the largest American mass suicide since Jonestown. Applewhite lured and brainwashed willing followers with promises that extraterrestrials would grant them new bodies for spiritual enlightenment.

Series 5 - Ep 1: Green River Killer

With a total of 49 confirmed murders, Gary Ridgway, otherwise known as the Green River Killer, is one of the most prolific serial killer in American history. While married, Ridgway began murdering sex workers and children throughout the 1980's and 1990's. Strangling his victims and discarding their bodies around Seattle and the Washington Green River, Ridgway regularly returned to the corpses for intercourse.